I’m sure one or two people on this planet have found one single motorcycle that they’ll be happy with for the rest of eternity… I however am not one of those people. Sure, I like the bikes I own. I might even love them, but there are sooo many other bikes out there. So many to ride. So many to learn about. So many to experience. And to make matters worse, new models keep coming out. When will it stop?!??

Never. It’ll never stop. Manufacturers will keep releasing motorcycles in one form or another and people like me will continuously lust over motorcycles we don’t own yet. That’s why the answer to the question “how many motorcycles should you own?” is N + 1, where N is equal to the number of motorcycles you currently own.

That ever-growing number of bikes adds a whole other layer to the struggles. If we give into our lust, now we need more space to store it, more money to pay for it, and more time to ride/maintain it. You start contemplating whether you can pick up a few extra hours/shifts/etc. to pay for another bike. Maybe pricing out additions to your garage, pricing a new garage, or even moving to a new house with a larger garage. All because of motorcycles.

Why do I bring this up? Because I’m currently battling BAS, and I know a few other people are likely battling BAS too. I’m here to tell you, “it’s ok.” All of it. Whether you give in and buy yet another bike, or if you decide that right now isn’t the best time to expand your stable for whatever reason. That’s ok. For those expanding their collection, ride safe and enjoy that new ride, and for those waiting, there will be other bikes when the timing makes more sense for you.

I, myself, just wrestled my way through an episode of BAS. I start researching one bike, and down the wormhole I go. Harley Sportster 883 -> Harley Street Bob -> Triumph Speedmaster -> Royal Enfield Interceptor -> Back to the Harley Street Bob -> Yamaha SR400 -> RE Classic 500 -> RE Himalayan -> Back to the Yamaha SR400 -> 1972 Honda CL350 -> Back to the Yamaha SR400 again. That was my latest path, but I decided to wait. Who knows what I’ll end up with when I decide to pull the trigger (probably a SR400, unless I get rid of my Vulcan 900 and pick up a Harley). But I’ll survive, and in the mean time, I’ll tinker with the things I have.

Godspeed, and stay strong. Together we can survive BAS.


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