What is this motohop site/blog/etc? Why does it exist? MotoHop exists as an outlet of expression for me (Hi, I’m Matt). Not just a generic outlet, but one focused on my obsession with the engineering marvel that is the internal combustion engine and the freedom it provides. I may include other vehicles from time to time, as I love pretty much everything with a motor or engine, but I’ll mainly be focusing on motorcycles. More specifically – my motorcycles and where they take me. I’m into motorcycle news too. So I’m sure there will be a chunk of that too.

I’d also really like to further examine how we, as humans, express ourselves through the art form of motorcycling. I love seeing other people’s bikes and getting to glimpse a bit into their psyche through the bike they ride. It opens me to new ideas for how I ride and how I customize my bikes. So expect photos of bikes I encounter along my travels (maybe interview too, who knows).

But ultimately, I just want to let this morph into whatever it wants to become. Just like motorcycling, I’m just along for the ride.


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